Micro communities gathering in homes, developing grassroots discipleship

Through our culture of invitation, our heart is to see people actively connect beyond Sundays, developing deeper friendships and be inspired through the word of God.

Lifeplace Home seeks to create an authentic space within the home to be encouraged, disicipled and journey through life together. 

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Here's How it Works

In home sessions will run fortnightly across the city, hosted by trained Lifeplace facilitators. Centered around food, connection and meaningful relationships, Lifeplace members will enjoy real time connection to the greater Lifeplace community via a live online element to explore the Word and how it relates to topical life matters.

Based on the model of church within the home, as noted in the Book of Acts, three key elements will be part of each session - 

  • Eat

    Whether it be a simple cup of coffee or a dinner meal shared, build deep and lasting friendships around the table.

  • Read

    Following the live online teaching component, open the scriptures and discuss the subject informally as a group.

  • Pray

    Support one another through life, by praying and seeking God.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Lifeplace Home

    • Homes in the Bible

    • What are Lifeplace Homes?

    • What they are not

    • Why Peer-to-Peer Commitment Matters

    • Lifeplace Home Attendee Guide

    • Attendee Acknowledgement

    • Facilitator's Induction

Reclaiming the home

Lifeplace Home is an innovative hybrid of meeting together with a live online teaching component by Lifeplace. Our belief is that we are the church, 7 days a week, and are called to shepherd one another. Lifeplace Home creates an opportunity to walk this out practically with a small group of people who
meet regularly.

For further information contact info@lifeplace.com.au