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Every pathway leads somewhere. The overall direction of the Lifeplace Pathways is to take you on the exciting journey of church membership. We are a church with clear Biblical convictions, values, and vision. The heart of our church has always been to help people thrive in every area of their life, catch a God-dream for their life, and find a place of meaningful involvement in church life. This material is designed to define for you what Lifeplace is all about, where we come from and where we are going.
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Senior Pastors

Benjamin & Cindi

Many years ago, we made a robust life decision: instead of criticising the state of the world, we decided to engage with the conversation. We wanted to be part of the solution.

That’s what we have been doing since we married almost 20 years ago—giving our lives to play a part in helping others. Join us here as we deliver high quality and unique content, including leadership resources for pastors, small group courses for churches, and life teaching for the general market.

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